Best Heroes To Use Phylactery In 7.33B Patch

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Best Heroes To Use Phylactery In 7.33B Patch

You can purchase a Phylactery in Dota 2 matches to deal bonus magical damage with these heroes in the 7.33b patch.

The esports industry is going wild over the release of the 7.33b patch for Dota 2. It has included several fascinating aspects to the game to excite players old and new. People can activate Watchers across the map to gain vision over their enemies without placing Observer Wards. There are 8 Watchers located in the new update that allows players to plan their attacks with more accuracy during their games.

Dota 2 has opened the Defender’s Gate for both the teams to protect weakened enemies on their way to their base. You can collect Wisdom runes that spawn near the Defender’s Gate to level up faster with your heroes. The newly added Shield runes can also be picked up at the river to increase the durability of heroes
in a match.

The Radiant and the Dire have tons of space to explore in the New Frontiers map. Items like the Phylactery, Diadem, Disperser, and Pavise can be bought to defend your allies and fight enemy heroes in lanes. Take a look at the best heroes you can buy a Phylactery for to nuke enemy heroes in the new update to the strategy game.

Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden uses Frostbite with Phylactery to nuke enemies

Crystal Maiden is an Intelligence hero in Dota 2. She can play the support role with ease to boost the mana regeneration rate of her teammates and nuke enemies in lanes with her spells. The support hero has a base Intelligence of 16 and gains up to 3.3 Intelligence per level. She can hit enemy units from a range of 600 to avoid getting hit during battles.

You can buy a Phylactery for 2375 gold in the game. Phylactery provides 200 health, 200 mana, 7 Intelligence, 7 Strength, 7 Agility, and 0.7 mana regeneration to Crystal Maiden. She gains the passive ability, Empower Spell, that deals 150 bonus magical damage to enemy units targeted by Crystal Maiden’s spells. Enemies affected by Empower Spell have their movement speed slowed by 50% for 1.5 seconds. Empower Spell has a cooldown of 6 seconds.

Crystal Maiden can cast Frostbite on enemy heroes to freeze them in place for up to 3 seconds. Frostbite deals up to 100 damage per second (DPS) for the duration of the spell. The bonus damage dealt with a Phylactery can help Crystal Maiden cast several instances of Frostbite to deal massive amounts of damage in battles. Allies of Crystal Maiden can attack enemy heroes frozen by Frostbite to drastically reduce their health. Frostbite has a cooldown of 6 seconds and requires 155 mana to be used per cast.

The increased mana regeneration rate granted by a Phylactery lets Crystal Maiden use Crystal Nova multiple times in lanes. You can wipe out creeps and restrain the movement of enemy heroes by blasting them with Crystal Nova. Crystal Maiden can deal 260 damage to all enemy units in a radius of 425. Enemy units affected by Crystal Nova have their movement speed slowed by 50% and their attack speed slowed by 75 for 5 seconds. Crystal Nova has a cooldown of 8 seconds and needs 175 mana be used. You can cast Frostbite after targeting your opponents with Crystal Nova to weaken enemies with Crystal Maiden.

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You can level up Arcane aura to provide bonus mana regeneration to your team. Crystal Maiden gains up to 6 mana per second at level 4 of Arcane aura. Allies in her team can gain up to 3 mana per second, letting them cast their spells without running low on mana during team fights. The passive ability, Arcane aura, can be vital to survival for your team during tough situations. Phylactery will increase the health of Crystal Maiden, ensuring that she can cast more of her spells without dying in Dota 2 matches.

People can increase the magic resistance of Crystal Maiden by purchasing a Glimmer Cape for 2150 gold. Crystal Maiden can use Glimmer Cape to turn invisible for up to 5 seconds. She can absorb up to 300 magical damage and gains 40 movement speed while invisible. You can use Crystal Maiden’s ulti, Freezing Field, while invisible using a Glimmer Cape. Freezing Field deals 250 DPS to enemy units in a radius of 810 for 10 seconds. Her ulti provides a bonus armor of 20 during the channeling of Freezing Field, allowing her to sustain damage from enemy heroes. Phylactery can be bought early for Cystal Maiden to make her a valuable member of your team.


Luna casts Lucent Beam to deal bonus damage using Phylactery

Luna is an Agility hero with abilities that can dominate her foes in battles. She can use a Phylactery to deal more damage to her enemies using Lucent Beam. Luna can cast Luna Beams for 120 mana per cast. It has a low cooldown of 6 seconds and allows Luna to deal loads of damage to nearby opponents with her spell. Each instance of Lucent Beam deals 320 damage to enemy units. You can further increase the damage of Lucent Beam by 100 and reduce its cooldown by 2 seconds through the Talent Tree.

The carry hero has a base Agility of 24 and gains up to 3.4 Agility per level. She can easily push lanes by leveling up Moon Glaives to hit up to 6 enemy units at once. The passive ability, Moon Glaives, lets Luna farm tons of gold in lanes to buy her core items. You can level up Lunar Blessing to increase the attack damage of Luna and her allies by 21. Lunar Blessing provides bonus vision during the night to help Luna get kills frequently throughout the game.

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The low cost of Phylactery makes Luna a strong choice for the mid lane. She can unlock her ulti, Eclipse, before the first 10 minutes of a game to start hunting for heroes. Luna has a base movement speed of 325, letting her get around the map quickly to assist her allies and get fast kills. You can purchase an Arcane Boots to increase the mana pool of Luna. You can cast loads of Lucent Beams to deal bonus damage with a Phylactery and an Arcane Boots equipped in her inventory.

Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful Spirit stuns enemies using Magic Missile and Phylactery

Vengeful Spirit can drift through the woods to stun her enemies in team fights. The 7.33b patch has increased the base Agility and base Strength of Vengeful Spirit to strengthen the abilities of Vengeful Spirit. She now gains up to 2.1 Agility per level in the new update.

People can nuke enemy heroes with Vengeful Spirit using Magic Missiles to drain their health. Enemy units hit by a Magic Missile are dealt up to 360 damage and will be stunned for 1.4 seconds. The mana cost of Magic Missile has been reduced from 130 to 105 in the 7.33b patch. Phylactery can empower her spells to deal bonus magical damage per missile. Vengeful Spirit can slow her enemies with Magic Missile after buying a Phylactery. She can launch Waves of Terror at her enemies in lanes to decrease their armor by 6. Magic Missiles can deal over 400 damage after casting a Wave of Terror, once you’ve purchased a Phylactery for Vengeful Spirit in the new version of Dota 2.

You can attack your opponents with a couple of hits from Vengeful Spirit to harass enemies between battles. The Vengeance aura increases the base attack damage for the support hero by 28%. You can also cast her ulti, Nether Swap, on enemy heroes to deal bonus damage using a Phylactery. Enemy units swapped using Vengeful Spirit’s ulti will also be slowed, letting her allies eliminate her opponents within seconds of swapping them away from their positions. Nether Swap has a cooldown of 30 seconds and needs 200 mana to be used per cast. You can immediately stun swapped enemies with a Magic Missile to disable them in team fights. Vengeful Spirit can deal an additional 200 damage using Magic Missile at level 20, making a Phylactery a resourceful item in her hands. She is among most tactile heroes in the 7.33b patch for the online game.