Honkai Star Rail PS5/PS4 Release Date And Cross Play Explained

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Honkai Star Rail PS5/PS4 Release Date And Cross Play Explained

When's the Honkai Star Rail PS5 releasing? What about the PS4? We asked around! Here is everything we could find out!

Honkai Star Rail has turned out to be a massive success for miHoYo. On release, the game had over 20 million pre-registrations more than double the pre-registrations that their previous title Genshin: Impact had reached.

Currently, the game is available on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS and on Windows PCs.

As of writing, there is no concrete date for a release on any of the big consoles but there has been some rambling and we can make some guesses!

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Honkai Star Rail PS5 and PS4 sooner than expected

Currently, there's a rumor going around that Honkai Star Rail might come to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as part of the next patch.

Honkai Star Rail Patch 1.1 is expected to release sometime in the middle of June. Probably around the time the third banner is going to be released.

What exactly the contents of that patch are, we don't know. Could be a minor patch with more opportunities to grind and new characters to unlock or level.

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If the rumors are true, however, this patch will mostly focus on the console versions of Honkai Star Rail.

That doesn't have to mean anything tough. Previously miHoYo announced a Nintendo Switch version for Genshin: Impact which was supposed to ‘follow shortly' after its release in 2020.

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This release never came but is still on their agenda. Depending on how similar Star Rail's code and engine are to Genshin, this port job might be as easy as dialing in a few values. But you never know.

If you've already started your trailblazing journey and or have put it off. Don't worry there is crossplay!

Honkai Star Rail Cross-Progression on Console

If you have already started playing on a PC or Mobile platform, you'll be able to play with your existing account on the console as well.

Since all progression is stored online and is tied to miHoYo's online services, it's as simple as logging in from another device.

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That means you can play Honkai Star Rail on iOS and Android platforms on the go and on your PC and hopefully soon your PlayStation very easily.

To play the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, you simply have to tie your PSN account to your HoYoverse account.

While there is no official way to do that for Honkai Star Rail yet, you can check out the FAQ for Genshin: Impact (which will probably work in a similar way) here.

As soon as there is more information available we'll update this article accordingly. If you just started or thinking about starting Honkai Star Rail you can check out our tips and tricks for new players here.

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